1)  The god portrayed in the Bible, the Hebrew Bible and
the Qur’an is not the real God. He is an extraterrestrial
creator-god that goes by many names dating back in
history. However, for the balance of my book, I’m going
to refer to him as, “Yahweh.”

2)  As a medium, I channel Yahweh, the alien-creator-god
as my inner voice, who masquerades as the real God,
in the Bible, the Hebrew Bible and the Qur’an. I also
channel Enoch/Metatron and the archangels/archaliens
Gabriel, Michael and Rafael to round out the supernatural
extraterrestrials that I communicate with at the greatest
frequency. What I have discovered, is that I am able to
channel aliens that I thought were biblical figures.

3)  Jesus Christ was an alien-human-hybrid of Yahweh and
the Virgin Mary. This hybridization was accomplished
through a calculated mixture of genetics and DNA.
Christ’s supernatural powers came from Yahweh and
the loving, nurturing human side came through his
mother, Mary.
In Exodus 11, god or Yahweh, murdered the first
born Egyptian, children. That’s why Yahweh couldn’t
fashion an exact clone of himself. Mary’s genetics were
necessary to make Christ more human and humane.
The biblical god, Yahweh, was capable of murder.
Is this your god? He’s not mine.

4)  Creator-god-aliens can place their own omnipotent soul into
an alien-human-hybrid or a clone of themselves.
Harvesting bodies is not just limited to humans, they can
genetically manipulate reptilians, greys, insectiods,
almost any intelligent being that they would deem worthy,
possessing suitable DNA to create a deity.

5)  Yahweh created Judaism, Christianity and Islam to fashion
a divine trinity within himself through religion, conflict,
in order to collect prayer energy and souls.

6)  If you pray to and worship a god all through your physical,
3D Earth-plane existence, that god will capture your soul
when you die to go through that god’s version of heaven.
After, you cycle through that alien-creator-god’s heaven,
you eventually make it to the real God’s eternal light
before you reincarnate again.

7)  Our omnipotent God self/soul lives in multiple-physical
bodies on numerous planets, spaceships and dimensions
simultaneously. This is possible through the ideas found
in Quantum Hologram Theory, or the idea that we have
a multi-dimensional existence. In other dimensions, it is
possible our soul inhabits aliens.

8)  Geodetic markers have been constructed from stone all over
the Earth, at points like acupuncture points on our human
bodies. These power-points lying on the Earth’s grid,
amplify prayer energy exponentially when combined with
the Earth’s spirit that emanates from these hot spots.
These areas represent some of the most spiritual and
mysterious locations known to man including the
Temple Mount, Great Pyramids, Teotihuacan
Mexican Pyramids, Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia,
Carnac Stones of France, Stonehenge, and Big Horn
Medicine Wheel in Wyoming.

9)  Yahweh is absorbing prayer energy and souls from
innumerable stars, planets, moons, spaceships, etc.
from multiple dimensions,  all at the same time in order
to feed his to feed his exponentially growing spiritual and
metaphysical powers. He may be in possession of billions
or trillions of souls as religious followers, with prayer
energy from around the multiverse. This term “Multiverse”
means there is more than one universe.

10) Watching the political scene of the planetary superpower,
the USA, I am concerned with the possible infiltration
of aliens in the leadership of the nation I live in. I feel
it’s a strong possibility and so allege that President Barack
Hussein Obama is an alien-human-hybrid. Go online and
look at the the countless photos of him where flies are
landing on his face and rats mysteriously appear around
the White House. If he’s not an extraterrestrial or hybrid,
then I feel he is possessed by an evil demon that lures dark
energies. Certain animals, insects and empaths like myself
are sensitive to his infected nature.

11) Most ancient cultures depict gods descending from heaven,
the sky or the stars. Every other culture chronicles their
gods coming from inside the Earth or the underworld.
According to the Judeo-Christian faith, every other god
ever worshipped is a false god, only the god, Yahweh
is real. This assertion is stating that every other culture in
the world has it that their history is wrong and all of those
believers are going to burn in hell for an eternity. Is this
your god? Is this your religion? If you are a Jew or a
Christian, it is.  

12) Yahweh is the father of Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Enoch,
Noah, John The Baptist, Ezekiel, Elijah, Muhammad,
Solomon, the Fallen Angels, all of the apostles,
Archangels, pretty much most biblical figures in his
pantheon. In other words, he genetically engineered these
beings with a watered-down version of some of his DNA
and powers, and by this, blessed these beings with
supernatural gifts so they could serve as revered patriarchs,
angels etc. Another mission was for them to proliferate
his religions and nurture his faithful worshippers.

13) The Fallen Angels or The Watchers were cast out of
Yahweh’s mothership and they descended to Mount

Genesis 6: “The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were
beautiful so they married any of them they chose. The sons of
God went to the daughters of men and had children by them.”

So we read that the Nephilim, “angels” are having sex
and creating offspring? Is this possible? It is if angels in
the Bible are human-like extraterrestrials. All biblical
angels are, in fact, aliens.

14) Based on the amount of drone activity I see flying curiously
low over my home in Orlando, Florida, I know that the
police and or our “black ops” clandestine government
military is conducting surveillance on me and the UFO
activity in the skies above my house. I attract
extraterrestrials and their crafts and the powers-that-be
know it.

15) Full disclosure of extraterrestrials existing and visiting Earth
will come to fruition within my lifetime if not in the next
handful of years or less. That’s why so many ancient
culture elites and world leaders were mummified because
their alien-selves are going to reunite and inhabit
their old bodies when the ETs return or they’ll fashion a
clone of themselves from their preserved DNA.